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Udupi Unplugged: Temples, Serenity, Beaches and Surprises!

Hello Travel Souls!

It’s Khyati again, and I’m excited to share our recent adventure in Udupi. Get ready for a tale of unexpected twists, cozy discoveries and the peaceful charm of this hidden town.

Imagine this – we just finished a fast-paced journey from Gokarna and a work stint in chilly Rajasthan. Feeling a bit under the weather with a cold and cough, we faced a choice – to rest at home or to hit the road again. Guess what we chose? Yep, you got it – Udupi it was!

RAC Birth Train Journey ;)

Now, let me tell you, our journey kicked off with a quirky twist – our tickets were on RAC. Exhausted but undeterred, my partner-in-crime, Ishan, and I bravely boarded the train, ready to tackle the challenge of sleeping on a single berth. Trust me, it’s no easy feat! But hey, we’re all about budget-friendly travel, and that means embracing the unpredictability of RAC tickets. This time, two other friends joined us, occupying a different compartment on the train.

The next morning, we found ourselves in Mangalore, where we treated ourselves to some thick idlis. Around 11 AM, Udupi welcomed us not just as a temple city, as I thought, but as a place full of surprises.

Now, the fun part – we had no solid plans for a place to stay. Luckily, we stumbled upon the Big Pineapple Estate. Far away from the busy station, it was a peaceful spot surrounded by pineapple fields. Our host lived downstairs, and the homestay upstairs turned out to be just what we needed.

After a quick freshening up, our mission was to grab a scooter for getting around. Udupi surprised us with its organized and systematic setup. We got Yamaha Fascino scooters – new, well-kept and super easy to ride.

First stop was the temple area for a hearty South Indian thali. Full and happy with the food, we headed to the famous Krishna Mutt Temple. Small hiccup – the temple required us to wear clothes below the knee. Our shorts and dresses didn’t fit the bill, so we ended up buying dhotis nearby.

South Indian Thali Dhoti Shopping @Krishna Mutt Temple Krishna Mutt Temple

After a visit to the temple, we explored the hanging bridge and found it be closed and considered kayaking (but it was a bit too pricey for our budget). The real magic happened on Delta Point Beach road. On one side there was the vast sea and on the other, calm backwaters. We found a quiet, undiscovered beach with lots of starfish scattered in the sand. The sunset view was pure magic, making us stay until the sky turned dark.

Hanging Bridge and Kayaking Lake Star Fish @ Delta Point Beach Road

We wrapped up the day with packed pizzas and headed back to the homestay, hearts full of Udupi’s unforgettable beauty.

Day two kicked off a bit late as our travel buddies had to book tatkal train tickets. We started our day around noon, grabbing some idlis at a nearby hotel. Our first stop was the Hasta Shilpa Heritage Village Museum, a famous spot in Udupi. The entry fee was 300 bucks per person, but trust me, it was worth every penny. Now, I’m not usually a museum person, but this one got me hooked.

The museum was a journey through time, showcasing models of old-aged homes from the 12th to 18th centuries. There were 24 homes in total, each representing different communities and regions. The charm of the Keralite Brahmin homes, Christian homes, Rajasthani homes and more was truly captivating. I found myself lost in the simplicity and classiness of these old-world abodes.

Muslim Architecture House Model @ Heritage Museum

The museum was buzzing with life – old-aged watch shops, idli-making utensils shop, a tire shop and even a barber shop, giving the whole place a village-like atmosphere. Ishan and I couldn’t resist pretending and immersing ourselves in the roles of people who once lived in those charming houses. From cute study tables to traditional musical instruments, the museum was a treasure of aesthetic richness. A must-visit when in Udupi!

Watch shop @ Heritage Museum Barber Shop @ Heritage Museum

Post-museum, our plan was for a chill café hangout which didn’t pan out as expected as the cafe didn’t have a lot of local food options. Ishan and I, being traditionalists, crave a local vibe. So, we headed to our favorite tea shop, indulging in maggi and my go-to ginger, lemon, honey tea.

Fuelled up, we started on a two-wheeler journey to Padubidri Beach, the first Blue Flag Beach in Karnataka. The ride was long, but the destination was worth it. As we dipped into the sea, it felt like bathing in tranquility. Despite the crowd, the serene atmosphere held us captive until sunset. The beach closed at 6.50 and after a quick change of clothes, we decided to skip the junk food and opted to pack veg biryani for dinner.

Back at our homestay, we set up a table by the swimming pool. Amidst stargazing, we enjoyed a not-so-tasty dinner, played a lively game of Ludo, and hit the bed early. All in preparation for an early wake-up call the next day to explore the Jain Temple.

Third day kicked off bright and early as we embarked on a journey to Varanga Jain Temple, a bit far from our homestay. The route was nothing short of picturesque, treating our eyes to nature’s beauty.

Now, this temple was a gem. Nestled in the middle of a lake, reachable by a charming boat ride with space for about 10 people. The pond surrounding the temple was adorned with lots of lotuses, creating a beautiful ambiance. After soaking in the temple’s serenity, hunger struck, and we stumbled upon a small eatery run by local women near the temple. A heartwarming experience indeed.

Next on our list was the famous St. Mary’s Island near Malpe Beach. However, as we reached there, the scorching heat hit us, making the thought of a half-hour boat journey less appealing. After some thought, we decided to skip it and head back to the homestay for some chill time.

Our afternoon was spent by the pool, dipping our legs in the water and engaging in light-hearted conversations. With our train departure at 4 PM, we had one last cup of tea and a plate of maggie at our go-to tea spot before making our way to the railway station.

And just like that, Udupi adventure came to a close. A mix of temple tranquility, unexpected eatery gems and a spontaneous change of plans made for a memorable journey.

Until the next adventure, keep wandering and embracing the surprises!

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